Buy online from a wide range of INDFOS Pressure Switches / Temperature Switches / Refrigetaion Switches / Compressor Cut-Out Switches and Solenoid Valves.
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Our range of INDFOS Pressure Switches include :
(i) INDFOS IPS Bellow type Pressure Switches (New Model SWITZER PSM-520 ) : Weatherproof to IP30 Enclosure , Adjustable Differential , Copper Alloy Bellows, Process Connection 1/4″ BSP (F)
(ii) INDFOS RT Bellow type Pressure Switches (New Model SWITZER PSM-550 ) : Weatherproof to IP66 Enclosure, Wideband Adjustable, Options of PB and SB Bellow, Process Connection 3/8″ BSP (M)
(iii) INDFOS PSU Diaphragm type Pressure Switches (New Model SWITZER PSM-530 ) : Weatherproof to IP44 Enclosure, Adjustable Differential , NBR Diaphragm, Process Connection 1/2″ BSP (F),
Includes On/Off Switch to turn off the compressor manually , Integrated Relief valve to ensure a smooth restart of the compressor
(iv) INDFOS MP Bellow type Refreigeration Switches (New Model SWITZER PSM-690 ) : Weatherproof to IP33 Enclosure, Options of Fixed or Adjustable Differential, Options of PB and SB Bellow, Process Connection 1/4″ Flare
(v) INDFOS RT Temperature Switches (New Model SWITZER TSM-550 ) : Weatherproof to IP67 Enclosure, Wideband Adjustable, Vapor filled thermal system with Phosphor bronze or SS bellows, Capillary Length of 3 or 5 or 8 meters
(vi) INDFOS IMV Solenoid Valves (New Model SWITZER WSV ) : Normally Closed Electro Magnetic Shut off Valves, Process Connection options of 1/4″ BSP , 3/8″ BSP or 1/2″ BSP

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bellow Type Instruments with various options for the bellow and wetted part material.

Impotant points to consider while selecting pressure switch for any application
a) Compatability of the media with the wetted parts of the pressure switch
b) Set Point and Max Working Pressure to select the range
c) Medium Temperature
d) Process Connection

INDFOS Pressure Switches are widely used across all industry segments for industrial control, monitoring and alarm applications.