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Temperature Switch

Temperature Switch – Capillary Type – Series RT:

INDFOS RT (TSM-550) Temperature Switch is used in industrial contol, monitoring and alarm applications.
The instrument can switch electrical loads of up to AC 230V, 10A. The TSM-550 temperature switch offers many application possibilities with non-corrosive media.
RT Series of Temperature Switches have a vapour filled thermostatic element, which consists of a sensing bulb, capillary tube and a bellows element. The entire element contains a charge which reacts to temperature variations at the sensing bulb, so that pressure on the bellows increases on rising temperature. The bellows movement due to this increase in pressure is utilised to operate the switch. The vapour filled system features small bulb sizes making installation easy. Wherever, bulb of temperature switch is exposed to pressure, corrosive fluid or high velocity, a thermowell must be used.