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Pressure Gauge : SS Body (Brass Internals)

SS Body (Brass Internals)

SS Body Brass Internals Pressure Gauge – 63mm Dial / 100mm Dial- Bottom / Back Connection:
WIKA Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauges are built in SS Case with Vent and has a White / Clear Plastic Window. These Pressure Gauges have an accuracy of 1.6% of FS. Connection size is 1/4″ BSP M for 63mm dial gauges (2.5″ Dial Gauge) and 1/2″ BSP M for 100mm dial gauges (4″ Dial Gauge). WIKA SS Body Brass Internal Pressure Gauges have Dual Reading in KG/CM2 and PSI.
Against order, these can also be arranged in BAR Reading. These Pressure Gauges comes with Glycerine Filling and also has 3 Hole Front Flange for Panel mounting of the Gauges.
WIKA is a world renowned brand for Pressure Gauges. These Pressure Gauges tested as per the German Standards and provide a very durable performance.