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WIKA Pressure Gauges: The Ultimate Standard of Precision and Durability 

At Buypneumatics, we understand the crucial role that accuracy plays in industrial instrumentation. We have collaborated with WIKA to offer you direct access to their advanced pressure gauges. Through this partnership, you can choose from a wide range of WIKA instruments meticulously designed to deliver exceptional performance for your specific requirements. 

Pressure gauges are of utmost importance in numerous industrial processes as they supply critical data that guarantees the effective and seamless functioning of systems. WIKA is recognized as a prominent producer of pressure gauges owing to its exemplary standards of accuracy, excellence, and resilience. Buypneumatics is renowned for its extensive selection of WIKA pressure gauges, which have been meticulously designed to satisfy the stringent requirements of contemporary industry. 

WIKA – A Legacy of Excellence    

WIKA, founded in 1946, has built up an impressive history of pioneering breakthroughs and excellent instrumentation. With time, this extensively acknowledged brand has persistently challenged technological boundaries to deliver solutions that address the perpetually evolving needs of various sectors. The fact that WIKA is present in more than one hundred countries worldwide demonstrates the brand’s steadfast dedication to excellence and accuracy. 

WIKA’s range of pressure gauges 

At Buypneumatics, we offer a wide selection of WIKA pressure gauges that are custom-made to cater to the varying demands of industrial applications. Our range of meticulously engineered WIKA pressure gauges is designed to meet your specific requirements. We offer a variety of models, including the most prominent ones. 

  1. WIKA 213.53.100 

– Type: Pressure Gauge  

– Features: Stainless steel case, brass wetted parts, filled with glycerin. 

– Applications: Suitable for corrosive environments and gaseous or liquid media that will not obstruct the pressure system. 

  1. WIKA 232.50.100 

– Type: Pressure Gauge  

– Features: All stainless-steel construction, rugged design, glycerin-filled  

– Applications: Ideal for challenging industrial environments requiring high durability. 

  1. WIKA 232.50.160 

– Type: Pressure Gauge  

– Features: Larger dial size for enhanced readability, all stainless steel, suitable for high vibration applications  

– Applications: Commonly used when maintaining a clear and easily readable gauge is crucial. 

  1. WIKA O-10(T)

– Type: Pressure Transmitter  

– Features: High accuracy, excellent long-term stability, available with various electrical connections  

-Applications: Suitable for various industrial applications requiring precise pressure measurement and reliable output signals. 

  1. WIKA S-10

– Type: Pressure Transmitter  

– Features: Stainless steel diaphragm, robust design, variety of pressure ranges  

-Applications: This product is ideal for use in highly demanding industrial environments where precision and reliability are crucial. 

WIKA is an esteemed producer of pressure gauges and transmitters of superior quality, which have earned the confidence of numerous industries on account of their accurate measurements and enduring reliability. Specifically engineered to support essential industrial applications, these instruments guarantee the provision of dependable and accurate data. WIKA’s pressure gauges and transmitters are constructed utilizing cutting-edge technologies and are subjected to exhaustive testing to guarantee that they perform to the highest quality and performance standards. Therefore, WIKA’s pressure gauges and transmitters are the optimal option if your industry demands precise measurements and enduring durability. 

The WIKA Advantage 

WIKA’s reputation for excellence is rooted in several key factors:  

  1. Innovation: WIKA prioritizes innovation in industrial instrumentation through continuous research and development, ensuring their products are always at the forefront of modern industrial processes.
  1. Precision and Accuracy: WIKA pressure gauges are known for their precision and accuracy, making them the top choice for industries that require instruments capable of delivering precise measurements.
  1. Durability: WIKA’s pressure gauges are built to last, designed for harsh industrial environments with rugged construction, reflecting WIKA’s commitment to quality.
  1. Customized Solutions: WIKA provides customized solutions to meet the unique requirements of various industries.


   WIKA pressure gauges are not simply instruments; they represent precision, quality, and innovation. In the world of industrial instrumentation, WIKA is an emblem of excellence. Buypneumatics proudly bridges the gap between WIKA’s exceptional products and industries that demand only the best. Our partnership ensures that you receive instruments that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. 

WIKA pressure gauges are more than just tools; they are the key to ensuring that your industrial processes run with utmost precision and efficiency. Discover the WIKA advantage with Buy pneumatics and experience a new level of accuracy in your industrial operations.