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Compressor Pressure Switch

Pressure Switch For Compressors – Series PSM 530 / PSU:
INDFOS PSU (SWITZER PSM-530) Pressure Switch is used in industrial control, monitoring and alarm applications.
This Pressure Switch can switch electrical loads of up to AC 440 V, 9 A. The integrated relief valve (option) is used for depressurising the pressure chamber of the compression piston before starting the compressor. With the manual On/Off switch, the contact system can be locked in the open position, irrespective of the process pressure.
INDFOS PSU series most commonly used on Pneumatic Compressors for On/Off ; Cut Off ; Cut out Applications
INDFOS Model PSM-530 pressure switches are essentially designed for on‑off pressure control applications such as air compressors or water pumps to control their working between the minimum and maximum setting values. At the maximum setting value, pressure switch contacts open and stops the motor. At the minimum value, pressure switch contacts close and start the motor.
A diaphragm senses the change in pressure and actuates a triple pole contact switch, which enables control of 3-phase motors. The set point (cut-out pressure) and reset point (cut-in pressure) are adjusted by a range screw and a differential screw.
A pressure relief valve (unloader valve) to relieve the pressure locked at the compressor cylinder head is available in model PSM-530.
The points to consider when selecting a compressor switch are
a) Cut-in & Cut-Out pressure
b) Max Operating pressure and temperature
c) Microswitch rating
d) Process Connection size

INDFOS Model PSM-530 has only 1 set point (Cut Out) and a re-set point (Cut In). The switch can be set at any point within the settable range of the switch.

Mechanical damage, electrical overload (like lightning or misconnection during inspections/repair work), damage by over-pressure, pressure spikes or ingress of moisture/chemicals into the product. These are some common causes for faiure of pressure switchs.

We have observed that most pressure switches fail if the corrcet switch is not selected for the application. You may avail help in selecting the correct switch for your application using our Pressure Switch Selector – link

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