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Pressure Transmitter – Series O-10 (T):
WIKA Pressure Transmitter O-10 (T) pressure sensor has been developed for a wide variety of industrial applications. The large range of process and electrical connections as well as all commonly used pressure ranges and output signals set the model O-10 apart. This Pressure Transmitter comes with an Electrical Angular Connection
Pressure Transmitter – Series S-11:
This WIKA Pressure Transmitter model is an expert for viscous and particle-laden media. WIKA S-11 pressure transmitter with flush diaphragm has been specifically designed for the measurement of viscous, paste-like, adhesive, crystallising, particle-laden and contaminated media, which would clog the pressure channel of conventional process connections. All process connections of the flush pressure transmitter are made of stainless steel and are fully welded and isolate the medium from the pressure measuring instrument via a positive seal. A reliable, dead-space free sealing between the process
Pressure Transmitter – Series S-10:
WIKA S-10 pressure transmitter for general industrial applications is the ideal solution for customers with demanding measuring requirements. This Pressure Transmitter has a very good accuracy, a robust design and an exceptional number of variants, meaning it can be suited to the widest range of applications.