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FAQ On FESTO Solenoid-Valves

FESTO 5/2 Solenoid Valve are poppet seal design valves with electrical actuation and mechanical spring reset. The Tiger Classic series (MFH and JMFH) have a maximum operating pressure 8 bar and are suitable for medium temperature of (-) 10 to to 60 Deg C. 5/2 Solenoid Valves have inlet port (1) with working ports (2 and 4) while ports (3 and 5) being exhaust. (i) 5/2 Single Solenoid Valve (ex. MFH-5-1/4): In home/default position the air at inlet port 1 is connected to working port 2. And the air at 4 is exhausted at port 5. On energising the solenoid the inlet air at port 1 is diverted to port 4 and the air at port 2 is exhausted via port 3. On de-energising the coil, the valve is shifted back to home/default position by internal spring force. (ii) 5/2 Double Solenoid Valve (ex. JMFH-5-1/4): Works similar to the Single Solenoid Valve but the reset is done by the second coil.
FESTO has a wide range of Solenoid Valves. Standard valves in ready stock on our website are: (i) 3/2 Single Solenoid Valve - Normally Closed - like MFH-3-1/4 (ii) 3/2 Single Solenoid Valve - Normally Open - like MOFH-3-1/4 (iii) 5/2 Single Solenoid Valve - with manual override like MFH-5-1/4 (iv) 5/2 , 5/3 ISO Single Solenoid Valve - for Sub Plate mounting like MFH-5/3E-D-1-C (v) 5/2 Double Solenoid Valve - with manual override like JMFH-5-1/4 (vi) 2/2 Diaphragm Valve - Normally Closed - like VZWF-B-L-M22C-G14-135-1P4-10 (vii) 2/2 Direct Acting Valve - Normally Closed - like VZWD-L-M22C-M-G14-30-V-1P4-15 (viii) 2/2 Poppet Valve with Spring Return (Angle Seat Valve) - like VZXF-L-M22C-M-A-G12-130-M1-V4V4T-50-25

Festo Solenoid Valves: ✓ MFH-5/3 (ISO Single Solenoid Valve), ✓ JMFH (Double Solenoid Valve), ✓ MFH-3/2 (Single Solenoid Valve - NC), ✓ MOFH-3/2 (Single Solenoid Valve - NO), ✓ MFH-5/2 (Single Solenoid Valve), ✓ MFH-5/2 (ISO Single Solenoid Valve), ✓ VZWF (Solenoid Valve).