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FESTO Pneumatic Cylinders, Mountings and Sensors of Top-Quality at Best Prices

FESTO offers pneumatic drives of different types and specifications for a wide range of applications.

Our Range of FESTO Pneumatic Drives Includes:

(i).FESTO Pneumatic Cylinder (pneumatic double-acting cylinder),
(ii) FESTO Compact Cylinder,
(iii) FESTO Round Cylinder,
(iv) Cylinder Seal Kits,
(v) Proximity Sensors (Reed Switch) and Mountings.

FESTOseries are available in ready-stock are

(i) DSBC (Pneumatic Double Acting Cylinder; Square Profile with slots for Proximity Sensors; Adjustable Cushioning and Confirming to ISO standards)
(ii) ADVU and ADN (Short Stroke or Compact Cylinders with both male and female threads)
(iii) DSNU (ISO Round Cylinders with Magnet). Under the Pneumatic Drives section,
we also offer cylinder seal kits (spare seals) and reed switches/proximity sensors (series SME). Also available are suitable cylinder mountings like Clevis Foot mounting (LNG), Swivel Flange (SNCB), Rod Eye Mounting (SGS).

Requirements of our Customers:

We provide complete information (Price List, Specifications and Dimensions) on the product page to help the user make a hassle-free online purchase without any concerns. You can now buy high-quality and guaranteed FESTO Pneumatic Cylinders at low prices.

FESTO Cylinders Distributors in INDIA:

We are currently distributing FESTO Pneumatic Cylinders via our e-commerce website to all major cities in India like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Coimbatore, Indore, Lucknow, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Patna, Noida, Jaipur and so on. Therefore, you can now get your products delivered at the required time. Apart from this, we also have provisions to deliver quickly Pneumatic Cylinder Festo along with other pneumatic drives to all major industrial and trading hubs in the country. Our Festo Pneumatic Cylinder Double Acting, Pneumatic Cylinder Festo, Pneumatic Double Acting Cylinder among other pneumatic drives can be availed at best prices with quick delivery options. Overall, with our trusted shipping partner we are able to ship FESTO Pneumatic Cylinders to approximately 10,000 pin codes in INDIA.
Genuine FESTO Products at Best Prices:
When you buy FESTO round cylinder, FESTO square cylinder, Festo Pneumatic Cylinders and other FESTO products from our website, we guarantee genuine products at the best prices with quick delivery.
You can now place your order for FESTO pneumatic drives and rest assured they will reach your doorstep within a few days from the time of order.


Few important factors to consider while selecting a Pneumatic Cylinder are (i) Bore Size : This is dependant on the Force and Impact Energy required to be generated (ii) Stroke Size : The displacement to be created (iii) Dimensions and Mountings: Barrel shape to fit the cylinder and availablity of mountings and (iv) Type and Cushioning : This determines the cycle speeds which can be achieved.
A cylinder is an actuator which converts supply energy into useful work. The construction principle of a double acting cylinder is similar to that of the single acting cylinder. However, there is no return spring and the two ports are used alternatively as supply and exhaust ports.Thus able to carry out work in both directions of motion.
A cylinder is an actuator which converts supply energy into useful work. Some of the applications of Cylinders are (i) Transferring (ii) Branching (iii) Converging (iv) Allocating (v) Clamping (vi) Ejection and (vii) Stopping heavy load
FESTO has many types of Pneumatic Cylinders. BUY PNEUMATICS mainatins a ready stock of (i) Double Acting Cylinder series DSBC and DNC (ii) Round Cylinder series DSNU and (iii) Short Stroke / Compact Cylinder series ADVU. Apart from this FESTO has single acting cylinders , linear drives , tandem cylinders etc.

Pneumatic Drives: ✓ Festo Pneumatic Cylinder, ✓ Pneumatic Cylinder, ✓ FESTO Compact Cylinder, ✓ FESTO Round Cylinder, ✓ Festo Proximity Sensors.